Rules of the game

Rules of the game


The world we are entering is dark, cruel and generally vampire-like. This includes violence and sexuality, and to this end, we will use the CONSENT SYSTEM during the game. This means that you do not need to participate in any scene where you feel uncomfortable and you can always say no. You may not infringe on another person’s personal space without prior consent. This includes any kind of physical touching (including only on clothes) and intimate closeness, as well as screaming at them.

In the narrower sense of the word, consent is needed for all types of contact. If you are not sure where your co-player’s boundaries lie, take the time to get familiar with them before the game. If this comes up while the game is already taking place, we use a subtle INGAME CONSENT SYSTEM.

Before any infringement in the personal space of your co-player for the purposes of violence / eroticism / feeding (blood sucking), initially show them a sign to pause the game in a subtle way. Then, tell them what you plan to do or what the nature of your actions is (violence, eroticism, feeding). And finally, you have to ask, exactly what you may do. If your co-player denies your proposal at any time and you two fail to reach an agreement, under no circumstances can you touch this person or otherwise cut into their space.

Of course, if you are in the opposite role, please clearly communicate your boundaries and determine exactly how you want this person to intervene in your personal space. Any consent or disagreement must be communicated clearly.


  1. (The game pause sign, subtle)
  2. Purpose (eg violence, romance, screaming)
  3. (“What can I do to you?”, the other player says what and to what extent)
  4. Done, the game goes on.



When feeding (bloodsucking), be careful of the question: “Can I bite?”

Do not say the words: “It’s all cool, you can do whatever you want”, because it means something else  to you entirely than it does to someone else!

Regardless of everything, it’s forbidden to play out any kind of rape in this game. This is not a part of this LARP.

In case of complaints from your fellow players about your violations, we will be forced to remove you from the game without a refund.

Please keep in mind, this game is nonetheless one about angst and vampire horror – and we encourage all players to advance this for yourself. However, you always have the tools on this page available to guarantee your safety during the game.



Fighting is more of a side dish on our LARP, but it can happen. Playing out predefined fights and battles is allowed, but in cases where players want to test their mettle, the rules for Duels apply.

Since the event within the game takes place in a civilized manner, only the Duel is considered an acceptable form of physical conflict. The Duel can take many forms (eg, fisticuffs, brawls, swordfights, aggressive staredowns, pistol duel …), but its essence is always the same.

Each player has a certain number of Duel Points:

– As a Vampire, you have a base of 1

– Occupations like a soldier, knight etc. increase it by 1

– Physical Disciplines such as Potence and Fortitude each increase it by their rating (1 to 3)

– Coming prepared for the situation increases it by 1 – weapons or animal claws

– You can be assigned additional points if you arrange it with the organizers (for example, if you imported a character from another system)

The Duel starts with the challenge and alternates between duelists through insults or similar provocations. Each challenge and an insult costs 1 Duel point. When a duelist runs out of Duel Points, they must say something like “Enough! Let the fight between us begin! “ This same player who says that must then lose the Duel.

Any duelist may decide to end and lose the Duel early, before his Duel Points are gone. This is done by announcing the end of the insults (“Get ready, I’m coming!” or “Let the fight begin”) and then playing out the loss of the Duel.

It costs 1 Duel point to challenge someone for a Duel, so the challenger will lose if there are two players with the same number of Duel Points.

The challenge must be clearly stated that the opponent can consciously accept the Duel. The challenged player announces this out loud and then insults or provokes the challenger, which costs 1 Duel Point. The challenger then returns with his own insult, insofar as he has Duel Points remaining. Thus, the Duel is performed through the so-called battle of insults, which determines who will lose the physical confrontation.

The performance of the Duel can be done in various ways and it takes as long as the two players want to. It is only mandatory to clearly show who won. If the players are acting out the Duel and it takes way too long, the player who has lost can begin to shout “I give up!” or »I yield« to finish the fight.

Mortals have 0 Duel Points if they are not specially gifted. They usually cannot challenge their vampire masters, and if challenged they usually lose brutally.

Your Duel Points reset after each Duel.


Please pay attention to the safety of your fellow players and be sure of their consent to staging a fight or acting out violence with you before the performance of Duel. Also, be clear in what your boundaries are as far as this is concerned.

It is not allowed to bring real weapons to the event! Only objects that do not compromise your co-players’ well-being are allowed!

The ”Ignore me” rule

IGNORE ME rule – by putting your hand above your eyes (that they are covered) and averting your gaze (looking at the floor) you are signaling to everyone that you are not part of the game at this moment. This is used for trips to the bathroom, to go get a breath of fresh air, to go have a drink / snack… anything, that you are doing as a player, and not your character. After ending a scene with any in-game excuse (»Somebody needs me«), the players puts his hand above his eyes and disappears. Any abuse of this rule to avoid in-game content is forbidden, and you may not use this rule to casually chat with others in the middle of the designated play area!

Various Rules

ATTENTION rule-A clenched fist held above the head. This sign means you should immediately stop what you were doing and SHUT UP! Put your hand into the air as well and wait for instructions.