Pre-Written Characters

Pre-Written Characters


Bellow, you will find characters we plan to have available for play on Emona Forgotten Nights: The Golden Years. If you’ve decided to play a premade character, please read through them and give us your choices in the Character Applications. All characters can be played as any gender and are only templates, meaning you will be able to interpret these characters however you’d like. They are sorted by sect first and then by Domain that they hail from!


Camarilla Characters


Pius Manz-Schaeffer

Clan: Gangrel

Age: Ancilla

Position: None

Court of Origin: None

Embraced: 1788

Keywords: Cunning, vengeful, independent, patient, proud, intellectual, military

Short Description:

Pius, as he prefers to be called now, was born to a farmer’s family in a small village east of Laibach, Krain in 1753. At a young age, he showed great intelligence, so it was self-evident he would be given to the Jesuits to be educated. Showing interest both in math and physics, he studied the fields for the rest of his life with a passion. Shortly after finishing University, he enrolled into Austrian military service in Wien, where he excelled and quickly rose up through the ranks thanks to his keen mind, soon taking control of his own platoon. With his cunning tactics and fresh ideas, he was always one step ahead of his peers. Because of his success, he was respected, but with it also came betrayal, envy, and death.

One night in 1788 he was ambushed by henchmen acting on the orders of his jealous compatriots and taken into the woods near the city to be silently murdered. Despite thinking these were his final moments, he still tried to struggle in vain. But by a coincidence he later concluded to be an act of the Divine, their entire group was attacked by a savage vampire in frenzy, that slaughtered the entire group, including him. After draining the others, as the beast fed on his blood, it regained its conscience. The last thing Pius saw before he died was the face of a frightened and remorseful child, that would Embrace him out of pity and shame. Pius awoke the next night buried in a shallow grave, cold and alone. He never saw his Sire thereafter.

The following days were hard and confusing, but he remained sane and focused, discovering his newfound abilities. After a few days, he returned to the garrison, going back to his normal post. Thirsty for revenge, he started hunting those responsible for the attempt on his life. By the year 1802 he accomplished what he desired, killing all the conspirators in cold blood, without ever being discovered. Faking his own death by disfiguring another man and dumping him into the Danube, he left Wien and changed his identity.

He set out to learn the truth of this world, and the secret to his existence. Despite learning a lot about his condition, he lacked any true comprehension of what it meant. Journeying to Transylvania, where most of the current myths about vampires circulated, he found what he was looking for. Well, at least a piece of the puzzle.

He continued to travel long after meeting the first of his kind, and while he did enjoy the company of other Cainites from time to time, especially for his “studies”, he never joined any group of them. He always disliked the systems they tried to induct him in. With some, he felt there were too many rules, while at others he felt they lacked order and discipline. After traveling the world for several decades, and content with what he learned of Cainite existence, Pius decided to return to his ancestral home, now called Ljubljana. There he was welcomed by the local Gangrel as a warrior. He was invited to court several times but always refused to come, as he felt it was unnecessary. He did not stay in Ljubljana for long and left again for his travels, returning there in the year 1902, deciding he would stay there at least for a while. But he knew the Camarilla would not let him stay there, not without first convincing the local Prince, Portia of clan Ventrue.


This character is also relevant, but unrevealed in Emona by Night in mordern times and is expected to be introduced there in the near future, making it possible (and desired) for him to be played at some point again in our modern setting.

This character has a game-defining secret, that will be revealed to the player, once he has been chosen.

We would like him to be presented in an imposing, unsettling or sometimes terrifying demeanor and as such he is meant for experienced players, who can create this feeling around others.

Though he is of Slovenian descent and may appear in our modern setting, it is not necessary to speak or even understand Slovene.

Pius does not consider himself as part of any faction and strives to stay independent.


Miroslav Vuković

The Burning Loyalist

Clan: Brujah

Age: Ancilla

Position: Sheriff

Court of Origin: Emona

Embraced: 1801

Keywords: Militant, Loyal to a fault, Serious, Degenerated, Cruel

Short Description:

Vladimir Vuković was a man of iron discipline, whose military obsession bordered on the fanatical, but his son seemed to be his exact opposite. Young Miroslav was a talented musician, a lover of philosophy and poetry, and an admirer of the French. Considering those pursuits effeminate, the king abused his son both emotionally and physically. In 1793 Miroslav attempted to run away from home, but the plot was foiled and Miroslav imprisoned. His father not only had his main accomplice (and perhaps his lover) beheaded but also forced Miroslav to watch the execution. It broke the young artist and his father immediately had him sent into the military. Eight long years he stayed there, warring against Turkish forces in impossible conditions. He became a war machine, his emotional scars transforming into unbridled wrath. Then one evening when he was in charge of night watch, he heard rumbling in the bushes. He expected to find an animal but he was shocked when a full grown man jumped on him and bit him in the neck. He awoke, covered in blood, terrified and with an insatiable hunger growing inside him.   

After several weeks of existence as a frenzied beast preying on unsuspecting locals and game, he was finally found by the local Camarilla, specifically the Ventrue countess Julia. Having had a difficult Embrace and being clueless about vampiric society, Portia took pity on him and made him her personal guard after discerning his lineage to be of the Brujah. He was forever grateful to both Portia and Julia for taking care of him and showing him the correct way, salvaging his soul. He offered to do the jobs that Portia’s other subjects had difficulty doing, and he was unnervingly good at getting them done. He was named Sheriff shortly after Portia became the Prince of Emona in 1802. This loyalty is enforced by a heavy blood bond to the Prince, something Vuković hardly even realizes.

This century of ruthless work has taken a toll on his humanity. His bitterness causes him to almost enjoy the violence. But even though he has lost touch with his human side, his loyalty to Portia has never wavered. The blood bond ensures that his gratitude to the Prince is unyielding, and he would do anything to ensure her safety, no matter the threat.  


This character is already established in Emona by night lore as a large, brutal, brooding man. He is degenerated and violent, but obeys the Prince’s orders without hesitation. His past as a gentle artist is far behind him, though it might be the only thing capable of restoring his lost humanity. The peaceful time has made him bored, though he would never admit it. His player will be required to work closely with Prince Portia, both in and out of game.




Arnulf/Otthild Klug

Self-made Alpha

Clan: Gangrel

Age: Ancilla

Position: None

Court of Origin: Innsbruck

Embraced: 1794

Keywords: Crafty, Exploiter, Capitalist, Degenerated, Uneducated

Short Description:

Klug’s mortal life was marked by one streak of bad luck after another. Born as the seventh child of a tiny, failing noble family, his/her future was never bright. His/her parents were barely even able to afford enough food to feed the children, much less a quality education or expensive dowries. Their lands were large but useless for little more than hunting, so unlike other nobility, Arnulf/Otthild became accustomed to a life of hardship and nature, something they resented greatly. His/her Embrace, then, was an equally unfortunate occurrence, nothing more than a botched feeding by a passing Gagrel. Klug awoke, hungry and frenzied, without any Sire to teach him. For well over a decade, he/she existed as barely more than a beast, hunting their family’s ancestral lands for mortals and animals alike, completely unaware of what he/she had become. The fact they never became a Wight is a testament to their tenacity. Klug was never a killer, and in those moments when his humanity shone through the reddish mist of hunger, he began to formulate a plan to become a far more efficient predator.

Illiterate and uneducated, Klug struggled at first, using intimidation and sabotage to gain the services of mortals. When he/she discovered the blood bond, the process accelerated, and soon the Gangrel began to exploit and prey upon the domain’s population like never before. Klug saw now the potential to become someone truly powerful, a reality denied to them in life, and he/she decided to make the most of it. Through the years, he/she has become extremely proficient at ruling from the shadows and working through proxies but found him/herself struggling to adapt to an ever-changing world. With the onset of rapid industrialization, he/she sold their ancestral lands to a wealthy capitalist, and then promptly Embraced them; not for companionship or desire, but for a teacher. It worked well for a while; Klug picked up numerous mercantile tricks from his/her childe before the relationship began to strain. Indeed, the childe, seeing Klug as an uneducated anachronism, soon began to plot against his Sire. It was all the same to Klug; he/she destroyed the childe and simply made another, a cycle that has repeated itself more times than he/she cares to admit. By the time he met his first Camarilla Vampire, the Gangrel had gone through at least six childer. His latest is Herzog, the Taxman, a prodigious and cunning financial expert, but Klug has no compulsions to keep them for very long, though he/she hardly makes that obvious.

Klug’s reasons for visiting Portia’s Elysium are ones of opportunity. He/she knows little of Camarilla politics but is smart enough to understand that having his/her Domain formally recognized is a good thing. Indeed, Innsbruck currently has no Prince, and it is certainly close enough to the Gangrel’s hunting grounds…


Klug is a relatively typical degenerated Gangrel; he/she has spent many years more attuned to his/her bestial side, and it certainly shows. His/her predatory instinct, however, shows itself in a unique way. He/she prefers to think of the predator and prey relationship in a highly capitalistic sense, viewing monetary gain and successful acquisitions as worthy trophies of the hunt. Klug is also a newcomer to the Camarilla courts and may have difficulty following the rules and decorum of the place, though the backstabbing politics will surely be something he/she will enjoy, if only from the shadows. In addition, while he/she is crafty and street-smart, Klug is illiterate and rather lacking in academic education, making them reliant on their childe.


Meyer/Miriam Herzog, the Taxman

Exploited Bureaucrat

Clan: Gangrel

Age: Neonate

Position: None

Court of Origin: Innsbruck

Embraced: 1896

Keywords: Meticulous, Cold, Moral, Economist, Gluttonous

Short Description:

Herzog was a simple man/woman. A minor bureaucratic official from Vienna, they were a cog in the imperial machine, something they were perfectly content with. Not only were they very good at their job, but it also made sense to them; at the end of the day, the taxes were collected and the forms properly filed, order having been restored. Herzog believed firmly in the purpose of their work. Adherence to the rules and proper financial responsibility were the cornerstones of an efficient and prosperous society, in their mind. Unlike many similar officials, who were prone to corruption and double-dealing, Herzog took great pride in their upstanding moral character, though it often grated with their associates. Indeed, perhaps this strict moral inflexibility was the reason they were eventually sent far from Vienna, to the forests outside of Innsbruck, a region the bureaucratic apparatus was so far unable to pacify, despite numerous attempts. Herzog would soon find out the reason for this was much more than unruly peasants.

The particular region was ruled by a canny and money-minded Gangrel known as Klug, who made a point of Embracing the many capitalists and economists that visited the area in order to learn from them, and Herzog was to suffer the same fate. They found the transition to Vampirism extremely difficult at first; leaving behind everything they held dear and fighting back an unending hunger was practically inconceivable for a minor bureaucrat, but Herzog found solace in work, as they always had before. Klug’s demands were simple, and apart from tutoring them in modern economics, Herzog toured the Gangrel’s domain and collected tithes of money from their many subjects. Their Beast, however, was a constant threat, and Herzog developed a paralyzing fear of it, finding the loss of control anathema to his/her ordered outlook. They found that hunger brought out the wish to frenzy most strongly and to offset this, Herzog began to collect tithes of blood from Klug’s subjects as well, which is what truly earned them the monicker “Taxman”. He/She makes it a point to always be full on blood, which has in the past led to some rather gluttonous feeding and severe anxiety associated with hunger, sometimes even leading to his/her prey’s death.

Their relationship with Klug is another matter. Herzog is a smart and educated vampire, and Klug’s treatment of them as a tool and subject grates on them. It is one thing to willingly serve an ordered and efficient empire, and another entirely to play teacher and servant to a degenerated and illiterate master. What’s more, Herzog is beginning to suspect the fate of his predecessors, though they have been careful to keep these suspicions hidden so far…


Herzog is a Gangrel to be played somewhat against type; he/she resents and hides their predatory curse, and is too young and controlled to have accumulated many bestial features. Indeed, at first glance, his/her bureaucratic demeanor might suggest a Tremere of Ventrue, though he/she is anything but. Gluttony is certainly Herzog’s dark side; when presented with the option to feed, they find it difficult to stop until they are full, so expending blood is nigh anathema to them. What’s more, though they are nominally loyal to their Sire, Herzog hates the fact that Klug is so willing to have the Taxman break rules and lie in their name, and the fact that their predecessors seem to be nowhere to be found is beginning to worry them greatly…



Kazimir/Ester Sokol

Broken Soldier

Clan: Malkavian

Age: Neonate

Position: None

Court of Origin: Prague

Embraced: 1848

Keywords: Detached, Distrusted, Soldier, Identity Issues, Curious

Short Description:

Who Sokol was as a mortal has become largely irrelevant during his/her years of unlife. Their Embrace was an act of sheer desperation on the part of their Sire, a Malkavian randomly caught by Imperial forces during the 1848 uprisings who turned several mortals in an effort to escape. When Sokol awoke, ravenous and confused, he/she frenzied and devoured a small group of Austro-Hungarian soldiers, including their captain. In a strange quirk of the Malkavian Embrace, Sokol somehow absorbed his victims’ memories and personalities during his first feeding, leading him into a state of permanent identity disorder, forever caught between his own mortal memories and those of a group of imperial soldiers. As a result, Sokol tends to often act and dress as a soldier, though he/she was nothing close to one as a mortal. This affliction didn’t stop there, however. Indeed, each time Sokol feeds, he/she believes that a part of the victim’s very soul transfers into him/her, bringing with it aspects of their personality and memories, though none of these acquisitions have been nearly as permanent as his/her first.

Sokol’s martial demeanor has proven to be a boon for his vampiric existence. He/she developed newfound courage after the Embrace, allowing her to enter situations other Kindred would run from and establishing him/her as an effective aid and informant for the local Sheriff and Scourge. His/Her malleable personality and inability to be consistent, however, has grated on the confidence of his employers, and Sokol has become the target of many unflattering rumors at the local Harpy court; indeed, gossip abound of the Malkavian congregating with various individuals of disrepute, as well as endangering the masquerade and acting quite inappropriately during his/her feedings. For Sokol, the truth remains unclear. The mess of feelings and memories inside his/her head confuses him/her greatly at times, and it is not unheard of for entire nights to go missing from his/her mind, like blackouts after drunken binges. He/She is sometimes even unsure of who his/her real enemies and allies are, making Sokol relatively paranoid and secretive about everyone. Remaining careful around everyone does, however, has its perks. Sokol has had a lot of practice reading people and revealing their secrets, a skill worth a great deal to a Vampire.


This character has an important, game-changing secret that will be revealed to the character that chooses them. Due to the nature of their Derangement, they are recommended for an experienced player, since a constant degree of confusion and paranoia can be difficult to portray. What’s more, not only does Sokol have few allies, he/she isn’t remotely sure which of them he/she can trust. His/her derangement, however, can provide interesting play. You can gaze upon the personality and feelings of anyone you wish, from people you wish to gather secrets from to savoring the vitae of those engaged in ecstasy and sharing in it with them.



Bertha the Red

Bad Lieutenant

Clan: Nosferatu

Age: Ancilla

Position: Sheriff

Court of Origin: Reichenberg

Embraced: 1745

Keywords: Corrupt, Proud, Aristocrat, Double-dealer, Militant


Short Description:

The daughter of a distinguished and ruthless general, Bertha was the son he wished he had. She displayed a keen and forceful mind from a young age, even going so far as to train herself in combat despite the norms of the era. She never truly disdained courtly life, though, as would be expected. Instead, she used her martial demeanor to excel at petty courtly intrigue, intimidating and physically subjugating rivals. Both royal balls and training fields came naturally to Bertha, but she knew she would soon have to give up the sword and devote herself to family. Hardly content, she forced her father to reject numerous marriage proposals until she found the right man. Someone she could control. Within weeks, it was clear to her husband, an officer, and businessman, that Bertha was the one in control, taking over control of his businesses and becoming the shadow puppeteer of their new family. This allowed her to do as she wished, both continuing to both practice combat and forcefully advising her husband in military affairs.

The intrigue exhilarated her, and what began as a competitive spirit became an almost megalomaniacal desire for power. Not beyond blackmail, corruption and eventually even murder, Bertha inevitably attracted the attention of an ambitious vampire in need of a ruthless childe. Unlike most, Bertha was actually given a choice, but the prospect of immortality to pursue her ambitions was far too enticing to refuse. The reality, however, wasn’t nearly as glamorous as she expected. Not only was Bertha condemned to a secretive, parasitic existence, she was Embraced into Clan Nosferatu. Her beauty replaced with a visage, not even a mother could love, Bertha began to feel a seething hatred for her Sire. Too ambitious to serve anyone for too long, she relocated from her native Prague to the tiny Princedom of Reichenburg, where she was quickly named Sheriff by discrediting her predecessor. She proved incredibly efficient in the position, not only due to her martial prowess but also because of her willingness to double-deal, bribe and change loyalties.

Apart from the Prince, her only true equal was Gregowich Salic, the Tzimisce Knez of Liberec, but Bertha found him to be one of the few kindred whose presence she actually enjoyed. She spent many nights in his demesne, drinking of choice vessels and even going as far as to explore her physical form, though her curse negated any fleshcrafting a night later. Over the course of a century, the two even developed a mutual blood bond. The relationship has recently become strained, however. The Prince of Reichenburg has died, and both Bertha and Salic, the eldest local kindred, have claimed Praxis. They arrive at Portia’s Elysium to settle the dispute and perhaps see how far their friendship truly goes…


This character has a secret that will be revealed to the player that chooses them. Bertha is a ruthless character, perfectly capable of betrayal and corruption when it serves her. Her relationship with Salic has come to its greatest test, and the winner will leave the Elysium as Prince, but the path to victory will surely be a difficult one, filled with intrigue, lies and hidden daggers. Just the way Bertha likes it.

Gregowich Salic, the Knez of Liberec

Civilized Fiend

Clan: Tzimisce

Age: Ancilla

Position: Knez

Court of Origin: Reichenberg

Embraced: 1722

Keywords: Highborne, Regal, Exotic, Decadent, Traditional

Short Description:

The Noble Salich comes from an old bloodline, a family bred by vampires over generations to produce mortals worthy of consideration. Their master and breeder was the Voivode Janek Ritka, a fiend of the Old Clan that lived up to the stereotype. A strict traditionalist and keeper of the old ways, Ritka’s attitudes are evident in his pet family. Its members are regal to a fault, and Gregowich embodies it. Even as a mortal, he proved a powerful and efficient feudal lord, governing his demesne into prosperity. Open-minded and extremely rich, Gregowich made his home a palace of pleasure; exotic pets, fruits imported from colonies and beautiful women bought from turkish harems galore.

After the Embrace, Salich’s desires only deepened. His undead form gave him endless new pleasures to explore. His body was nearly indestructible, his senses many times more potent, and even the presence of the Beast was an interesting new experience to him. Most notably, the art of fleshcrafting became an irresistible pastime. The possibilities became endless, but Gregowich never neglected his duties. The Old Clan named him Knez of Liberec, and the responsibilities of controlling the Salich family fell to him. As Knez, Gregowich held a status equivalent to Primogen in the small domain of Reichenburg, and arguably controlled more of the area than even the Prince. Still, Gregowich was content, and held no uncontrollable desire for more power. Indeed, why would he, since his own abilities and exotic menageries could keep him busy for centuries on end. The small Court accepted him despite his lineage, and he developed close relationships with some, most notably with Bertha the Red, the Nosferatu Sheriff of the city. Two explored many a twisted pleasure together over the course of decades, and even developed a strong mutual blood bond.

Times have changed, however. The Prince of Liberec is dead, and both Gregowich and Bertha hold praxis over the position. Gregowich is not only the Eldest local kindred, his family claims Reichenberg as its ancestral land, and its members are strewn in its every corner. Yet a Tzimisce Prince is nigh unheard of. Unable to settle the dispute with Bertha, the two travel to Portia’s Elysium to consult its Elders and have them arbitrate.


Salich is the noble and exotic lord of traditional vampire folklore. As a Tzimisce, a player who will make the best of this opportunity is desired. Unlike his rival, Gregowich can be quite honorable and honest, though he is certainly no less of a shrewd politician. The Grand Elysium affords him an opportunity to somehow keep his relationship with Bertha stable, as well as the promise of new and exotic pleasures and experiences certain to be present on such a rare gathering.




Szillard/Vladislava, the Disease of Szeged

Covetous Monster

Clan: Nosferatu

Age: Ancilla

Position: Scourge

Court of Origin: Szeged, Hungary

Embraced: 1743

Keywords: Vengeful, Cutthroat, Degenerated, Ambitious, Ostracised

Short Description:

Even in life, the Disease was a dangerous and unrepentant individual. He/She began his career as a bandit and cutthroat, preying mainly on the infirm and the sick for their weakness, sometimes by selling them snake oil, and other times through great violence. During the witch trials in Szeged in the 1730es, he/she was accused of witchcraft, some say with good reason, but through cunning managed to save her/himself and make great profits by betraying other suspected witches to the authorities before also appropriating their worldly possessions. Eventually, however, his/her sins caught up to him/her; he/she was caught robbing the patients of a sickhouse by its patron Nosferatu, who decided to punish the thief with a very permanent curse. Now not only entirely deformed and undead, Szillard/Vladislava found themselves a permanent carrier of smallpox, an unfortunate but fitting side effect to being forced to endure its Embrace in the offal of a sickhouse. Every time the Disease of Szeged shared his/her blood or even so much as fed from a mortal, they spread the sickness to the victim, thus making feeding and blood bonding extremely difficult. While other Vampires can rid themselves of diseases by purging their Vitae, Szillard/Vladislava can never do so, as smallpox is an intrinsic feature of their blood.

This curse was a difficult one to bear. Other Kindred feared him/her, and the local Prince put harsh restrictions on the Nosferatu’s freedoms. With time, the Disease became the Scourge of Szeged, his/her sheer infamy and ability to spread the disease to others making him/her extremely effective in the position, against unlawful Embraces and the Romanian Sabbat alike. Still, Szillard/Vadislava resented this harshly, as they were far more ambitious than their situation would allow for. Over a century of its terror upon Szeged has passed, and the wake of pain and death it leaves behind has started to seriously erode its Humanity. The Nosferatu has however, managed to secure a respectable Domain on the Sabbat’s borders with its services, but yet still feels trapped and doomed to an existence of monotony.  If his/her Prince won’t listen, perhaps the Elders of Austria-Hungary will, and it is for this reason the Disease finds himself in Prince Portia’s court. And if they won’t, perhaps their domains will be decimated by sickness and death…


As a Nosferatu, the Disease of Szeged is meant to be played by a player who is willing to invest time and effort to create a convincing mask. He/She is both advanced in age, dangerously degenerated and potentially involved in political play, so they are meant for an experienced player. Though they are a staunch member of the Camarilla, their low Humanity, and inability to advance the ranks have eroded Szillard/Vladislava’s patience, and there is little limit to what he/she is willing to do to achieve his/her goals. The Disease has heard of the presence of an Archon at the Elysium, and being recruited by him might be an alternative to remaining in Szeged, even if their other goals are achieved. Despite this, a play-to-lose attitude is also welcome for this character, as he/she could make someone a worthy adversary.




Giorgio/Gina degla Fontana, the Pimp of Trieste

Experience Peddler

Clan: Toreador

Age: Ancilla

Position: Harpy

Court of Origin: Trieste

Embraced: 1777

Keywords: Touchy, Neurotic, Provocative, Decadent, Lustful

Short Description:

Being raised in a brothel from birth will have psychological consequences for anyone. Even more so for a child of an underaged prostitute. Giorgio/Gina’s father could have been anyone, but his/her mother was not an ideal parent by any measure. De La Fontana was raised by ladies and gentlemen of the night, their pimps and, occasionally, a customer, if they took an interested in the quiet child. But this introversion did not last for long. As Fontana matured, the cruel realities of city-life made him/her develop social skills out of necessity.

Several years and lovers later, Fontana was well situated in the nightly community of the bustling city. He/she was the confidant of several key players of the Trieste mortal politics, and was entrusted with many secrets after long, sweaty nights. Which led to him/her being noticed by a vampire who wanted some of these secrets for herself. Promising an eventual escape from prostitution, the Sire made Fontana a spy and even unlocked certain higher, nobler clientele, that allowed him/her to rise out of poverty in a matter of weeks.

Eventually, the sire kept true to her promise and embraced Fontana, after their lack of aging from being ghouled had become apparent. The Sire lost interest in the young vampire as soon as they were properly introduced and accepted at court, which proved to be a liberating experience. Not that Fontana didn’t have any rivals, but he/she knew how to make his/herself useful to them. Politically, relations were good. Personally, though… He/she preferred the company of mortals. The trappings of noble society entranced Fontana; the gold, the promiscuity, the luxury… For a Toreador with his/her psyche, it was quite inevitable. It was also something the undead were unable to provide. Not the court of Trieste, anyways.

As time passed, though, Fontana realized that Trieste can offer far more than the opportunity to cater to the perverted needs of the elite. Many stranger, and more alluring things than young flesh pass through these ports. Exotic spices, occult artifacts, even newly emerging ideologies… All of these things were in high demand in both mortal and vampiric circles, and

Fontana’s monopoly over them gave them a great deal of power in Trieste, allowing him/her to rise to the position of Harpy and lead a comfortable unlife. Trieste, however, wasn’t enough for them. More of a Giovanni city than a Camarilla stronghold, opportunities for intrigue were limited and dangerous, so Fontana is eager to expand their circles throughout Austro-Hungarian Domains, a perfect opportunity for which is the grand Elysium of Prince Portia.


Giorgio/Gina is a decadent and lavish character, meant to be played loudly and extravagantly. They can indulge in purely social game or delve into dealing and politicking, as the player wishes. They are, however, a Harpy, a position that brings the player several important responsibilities, such as arbitrating prestation and presiding over social duels. It also affords them certain powers, including being able to raise or lower the status of individuals. This character is also positioned relatively well, being a Harpy and likely having allies and connections both in the Camarilla and among the Giovanni.



Leopold/Mathilda von Orsini-Rosenberg

Militant Envoy

Clan: Tremere

Age: Neonate

Position: Envoy of Vienna

Court of Origin: Vienna

Keywords: Traditionalist, Politician, Militant, Prideful, Quick

Short Description:

For Vienna to send such a young Kindred as their lead representative is surely nothing short of a spit in the face for Prince Portia. What’s more, the envoy himself/herself holds views inimical to her. He/she is nationalistic and proud, resenting an Italian Prince ruling over an Austro-Hungarian city and even allowing the Giovanni free reign! However, the envoy is deceptively savvy, despite his/her youth. A political powerhouse since his/her mortal days, his/her position is well deserved, and woe to anyone who refuses to take him/her seriously.

He/she has arrived in Emona representing the interests of Vienna, which in truth are the interests of the Pyramid, which finds it imperative to strengthen their position in the Slovenian city and stem the Giovanni influence so close to their capital. However, the situation is delicate, and the envoy understands that any overt action against the Venetians could lead to a war for which he/she would pay with his/her head. He/she will have to carefully juggle allies and enemies to arrange for the desired outcome, all the while ensuring that centuries older Kindred take heed his/her words.


This character is meant for players who enjoy the political aspect of the game, though as a mortal noble, the envoy is likely accustomed to a life of hedonism as well. He/she will be well positioned at the start of the game, with the political clout behind her title and many allies to call upon, especially within the Tremere.


Sigmund/Sophia von Attems

Gentleman Heretic

Clan: Ventrue

Age: Ancilla

Position: Servire

Court of Origin: Vienna

Embraced: 1758

Keywords: Inquisitive, Proud, Noddist, Honorable, Aristocrat

Short Description:

Since their teenage years, Sigmund/Sophia has embodied the archetype of the victorian gentleman/gentlewoman. Classically educated, versed in history, language, the arts and even warfare, and having travelled far and wide in various colonial expeditions, Sigmund/Sophia lived up to all the aristocratic ideals of intelligence, sharp wit and worldly experience. In their travels and studies, the young von Attems came face to face with several strange, unexplainable phenomenon, in time leading him/her to become almost obsessed with the mysterious and the occult. His/her curiosity was without end, and combined with their intelligence and connections, it eventually led Sigmund/Sophia to discover Vampiric society. Intrigued and driven by the prospect of eternal life, the young von Attems achieved something nigh unthinkable: he/she approached and convinced a Vampire, and a Ventrue at that, to Embrace them willingly. With von Attems’ extensive knowledge and ability, he/she quickly proved that the Sire’s choice was well worth it.

Now with a lineage tracing back to Hardestadt himself, von Attems wasted no time in pursuing his occult interest further, establishing connections to several Noddist scholars, first only in the Camarilla but as the decades passed, those of other sects as well. He/she became particularly interested in the subject of genealogy, and keeps a tome detailing the sire to childe connections of any Vampire he/she meets, as well as even a transcript of a piece of the Book of Nod. More than a century has passed since his/her Embrace, and in that time von Attems has created such a web of connections and achieved such expertise in the field of vampirism that he/she serves as a permanent Servire to several Archons, being their primary source of information on all matters related to Noddism. And yet, von Attems wants more. He/she believes they are destined for more, perhaps even seeing him/herself as a potential Justicar in a few centuries. Right now, the position of Archon is far more achievable. The grand Elysium of Prince Portia is a perfect opportunity for advancement: several Noddist scholars will be in attendance, and gathering significant new information or even Noddist relics may just be enough for a promotion. Sigmund/Sophia is certainly both capable and old enough.


The noble von Attems is intended for someone with extensive knowledge of Vampire lore, so likely an experienced player or indeed a newbie willing to do the homework. They are a capable and proud character, to be played with equal measures of grace and etiquette, a true gentleman/woman. They are a Ventrue, and as such pay great heed to prestation and courtly procedure, though they are not above great, but gentlemanly retaliation if they are slighted. They must be careful, however, as certain more traditional parties might be offended by von Attems’ liberal approach towards heretical religions and suppressed myths, as well as their correspondence with non-Camarilla counterparts.


Giovanni Characters


Hermann/Helena Koenig

Pater/Mater Familias

Clan: Giovanni

Age: Neonate

Position: Padrone/Padrona

Court of Origin: Dresden

Embraced: 1821

Keywords: Ambitious, Industrious, Modern, Aloof, Capitalist

Short Description:

Even as a child, Hermann/Helena realized that their family wasn’t exactly… normal. The source of their wealth was perhaps the most obvious indicator of this. The Koenigs were death-dealers by trade. His/her grandfather had come into great wealth as an arms manufacturer, selling modern weaponry first to the German army and soon to numerous foreign markets. Their weapons were in use across the globe, wielded by both soldiers protecting the fatherland and those conducting mass slaughter in the colonies. But that wasn’t the end of their quirks. In the dead of night and on auspicious occasions, the Koenig family would practice strange rituals, harmless to the eyes of a child, but growing ever more ominous as one grew and was inducted ever deeper into family’s eldritch ceremonies. It never even occurred to Hermann/Helena that the fact their grandmother’s maiden name was Giovanni had anything to do with it.

As an adult, Hermann/Helena proved quick and efficient in handling both the family and the business; they received ever greater responsibilities and rose to the occasion. Their interest in the family’s rituals, too, led them down a deep rabbit hole of the surreal orgiastic doctrine of a death cult. Despite their extreme nature, these rituals seemed to Hermann/Helena to be largely symbolic, at least until they received a letter of invitation to Venice, to meet with their… extended family. What they believed to be a friendly dinner and at best a profitable business trip turned into a month-long ceremony of ecstasy and blood in which the truth of the Giovanni was revealed to the young Koenig. At the culmination of the rituals, Hermann/Helena was Embraced, the first Koenig to receive the Kiss, and became the Pater/Mater Familias of the Giovanni’s newest Scion Family. Since then, Hermann/Helena has guided the Koenigs from the shadows, already Embracing several relatives to begin doing business with a whole new market: Vampires. The grand Elysium of Prince Portia seems like a perfect opportunity to meet and conduct deals with a whole array of rich and influential Kindred, as well as network with the Giovanni and learn more about their Necromantic ways.


With the neutrality afforded the Giovanni and their familial support, this character is well positioned at the beginning of the game. He/she is also young and inexperienced, both in Camarilla culture and Necromancy, so they are well suited for a new player. That said, as with all Giovanni, a certain level of decadence and twisted personality traits are appreciated and encouraged.


Sabbat Characters


Achille/Gloria Palladino, The Lion of Naples

Failed Revolutionary

Clan: Ventrue Antitribu

Age: Neonate

Position: Ductus

Court of Origin: Naples

Embraced: 1848

Keywords: Anarchist, Turncoat, Honorable, Desperate, Leader

Short Description:

Palladino was a typical child of Napoli; born in poverty and destitution under foreign occupation, he/she quickly grew to hate the powerful aristocracy. His/Her youth was a constant struggle for survival, but the fear of starvation and violence was always offset by an unbreakable spirit of resistance. The revolt was the zeitgeist of the era after the French Revolution, and Palladino, an intelligent and idealistic youth, was quickly swept up by it. He/She exchanged letters with early revolutionaries and anarchists and eventually began leading his own anarchist cell, targeting the local authorities. In 1848, when a fiery revolution erupted over most of Europe, the anarchists struck, but Palladino lost his/her life on the first night of battle.

Unbeknownst to Palladino, however, he/she was actually being groomed for Embrace by the Priscus Dominique Touraine, who was in Italy helping orchestrate the rebellions. Not only did Palladino become a member of the Clan of Kings, he/she became the Childe of one of the Sabbat’s most respected Ventrue Antitribu. He/She fell in quickly with her Loyalist agenda, pushing for a more decentralized Sabbat and bringing back the ideals of the early Anarchs. Touraine left Naples soon after, leaving for France, but not before she helped Palladino establish his/her own Pack in Southern Italy. As Ductus, Palladino quickly distinguished him/herself as a formidable warrior and canny ringleader, but his views brought him/her at odds with the largely Ultra-Conservative Sabbat leadership in the area. As the Second Sabbat Civil War broke out in the 1860es, Palladino’s pack began a guerrilla campaign against the Archbishop of Naples, trying to oust him from power and establish an anarchist rule in the city. After a decades-long campaign, the Pack, very much on the losing side of the conflict, managed to surprise and destroy the Archbishop in a stroke of sheer luck.

This, however, was not enough, as Palladino didn’t have nearly enough support to take the Archbishopric for himself. With the battle won but the war lost, the Pack escaped, fleeing to the Elysium of Prince Portia in an attempt to find shelter and support. As defectors and radicals, they are sure to be met with disdain, but belonging to Clan Ventrue and killing an Archbishop can get you very far in the Camarilla…


This character has an important secret that will be revealed to the player that chooses him. Palladino is meant for experienced players. He/she is caught in a difficult position. Currently, he/she has very few allies and many enemies and will have to tread carefully to leave the event alive. He/She, however, has several options. Many of the Vampires attending the Elysium could be persuaded to take in a powerful Ventrue, and a hero at that, but as a Sabbat turncoat, the price will surely be high. What’s more, the Ventrue Elders will surely take it upon themselves to decide their Clanmate’s guilt and fate. Palladino also begins the game as the Ductus of a Sabbat Pack, though their loyalties are questionable at best since their defection.


Battista/Alessia “the Rat” Ratti

The True Opportunist

Clan: Brujah Antitribu

Age: Neonate

Position: Pack Priest

Court of Origin: Naples, Italy

Embraced: 1873

Keywords: Opportunist, Libertarian, Criminal, Sly, Ambitious

Short Description:

Born amongst the poor during a tumultuous era in Italy, Ratti had to survive their childhood in the gutter, looking for scraps and crumbs to help themselves and their family that lived on the edge of Naples. Being penniless but also capable of seeing the lives of the rich bourgeoisie in the city, filled them with the ambition to experience more than just their impoverished every day. As barely a teenager, they were already looking for every possible job, every information, every connection they could get. Skills to survive, given to them by parents that managed to crawl through the worst, and honeyed tongue helped them immensely. No work was too dirty, no words were too sweet, no opportunity went unnoticed. Becoming a skilled thief wasn’t that hard for someone who started as a pickpocket and they were also great at pretending to be a completely ordinary citizen. It was even easier, once their burglaries provided them with enough riches to even look like one. Being rather successful at what they did, it still eventually backfire. Broke into the wrong house and they didn’t even notice when the world around them went completely black.

Becoming a vampire was a result of sheer luck, as their future Sire was more impressed than angry about the attempted theft. Ratti seemed useful enough and once their body was devoid of blood, they received the Embrace. Sudden immortality and the door to a new world was a great gift. Already being used to darkness and shadows, they knew how to navigate through them. Opportunities, given by the Sabbat were endless and the freedom was addictive. Idealistic and libertarian views of Palladino made Ratti join their pack rather early, and their willingness to take up any work given to them and finish it skilfully cemented their position as a useful and important member of the pack. Loyalty was never questioned, but the Rat stuck with Palladino sheerly because they had influence and power. With such reasons, they took up the apprenticeship to become the pack Priest. Throughout years, they were diligent and efficient, helping the pack undermine the power of Sabbat in Naples. The fruit of their labor was however surprising and not the most desirable to Ratti. Palladino lacking support and being unable to consolidate the power when they destroyed the Bishop, forced them to flee, the best option being Portia’s upcoming celebration. The Rat’s future was suddenly extremely uncertain, the only thing they knew is they will sell themselves to the highest bidder.


Ratti is a character fit for newer, less experienced players. He/She enjoyed the Sabbat for its freedom and had plans to climb its ranks, but his Ductus’ actions forced him/her to flee Naples and seek refuge at Portia’s Elysium. He/She is a consummate opportunist, and will surely try to sell him/herself to the highest bidder, be it Camarilla, Anarch or otherwise. His remorseless attitude and violent past might bring him into trouble, however. His/Her loyalty to Palladino is questionable at best, despite the Vaulderie. Ratti was also an apprentice Pack Priest before the defection, but it is entirely up to the player how he/she wishes to portray Ritae, if at all.


Don/Donna Corrado/Isabella Segreti

Disgraced Lord

Clan: Lasombra

Age: Ancilla

Position: None, Former Templar

Court of Origin: Naples, Italy

Embraced: 1799

Keywords: Ambitious, Elegant, Deceptive, Disgraced, Aristocrat

Short Description:

The Segretis were a Neapolitan family of aristocrats, enjoying a life of privilege while staunchly collaborating with the occupator King of Naples. Corrado/Isabella was therefore used to finery and elegance from a young age, but didn’t shy away from courtly intrigue either. Indeed, he/she found herself quite at home amid subtle manipulation and devious plots. Despite their elevated position, however, the family suddenly began to crumble. Their sons died unexplained deaths, their financial investments failed spectacularly and their allies turned from them and refused to help. With the murder of his/her father, Corrado/Isabella was forced to take responsibility to the house and try to lead it back from ruin. Ambitious and driven to a fault, the new Don/Donna resorted to every trick in the book to try and save their house, but it was as though this string of bad luck was being manipulated by a higher power.

When the Don/Donna was finally prepared to give up after the tragic but strange death of their spouse, the architect of their downfall finally revealed himself. In classic Lasombra fashion, Corrado/Isabella was being groomed for Embrace by having their life utterly destroyed as a rite of initiation. His/Her Sire was the Archbishop of Naples himself, an old and remorseless Lasombra that ruled the city with an iron fist. The Don/Donna distinguished him/herself as a Cainite, being capable of traversing the tangled webs of Vampiric society and using his/her classical and martial education to come out ahead. In time, he/she became a Templar to the Archbishop, but never truly stopped resenting him for destroying her mortal life and house. During the Sabbat Civil War, Segreti at first enforced the will of his Sire, but in the pivotal moment, when the Archbishop was caught off guard by the Lion of Naples and his pack, the Don/Donna stepped back and allowed the murder to take place. As a Templar who failed his master, Segreti is disgraced in the eyes of the Sabbat, and was forced to form an alliance with Palladino and join his pack to travel to the Elysium of Prince Portia, where he/she may find the opportunity to join the Antitribu.


This character has an important secret that will be revealed to the player that chooses him. Segreti begins play in a very unenviable position; a former member of the Sabbat and a Lasombra at that, he/she is sure to have an abundance of enemies. The player will have to navigate the tangled web of intrigue to keep his head and perhaps even come out better of than before, as Segreti often has. He is a very recent addition to Paladino’s pack, as well as a known traitor, so even his companions find it difficult to truly trust him. Several Lasombra Antitribu will be present at the Elysium, however, so with careful maneuvering, the Don/Donna may yet prosper once more.





Da’i Adnan/Zlata Mehmedović

Learned Assassin

Clan: Assamite

Age: Ancilla

Position: Da’i, Emissary of Alamut

Court of Origin: Sarajevo

Embraced: 1735

Keywords: Assassin, Diplomat, Nationalist, Faithful Muslim, Composed

Short Description:

The path of Da’i Mehmedović has been a long and arduous one. Born in Bosnia during the height of the Turkish occupation, they were torn between resentment for their Turkish overlords and a growing, genuine faith in Islam. Unlike many of their countrymen, who converted simply to avoid persecution and taxes, Mehmedović found a true sense of peace and purpose in the faith of Allah. Educated in elite Madrassas both in the Quran and the arts of war and diplomacy, Mehmedović was a natural candidate for the Children of Haqim, who saw in him/her an opportunity to solidify their position in Bosnia.

After the Embrace, Mehmedović spent decades training and studying in Alamut itself, where he/she became a proficient Rafiq and began working closely with both the Seats of Wind and Stone and that of the Book. After returning to the Balkans, Mehmedović’s composed demeanor and theological expertise made him a natural leader and diplomat to the other sects, as well as distinguishing him from the more martial Fida’i and Rafiqs, thus earning him the honored title of Da’i. While nominally supporting the Ottomans and coordinating many assassinations and raids into Camarilla territory further North, he/she remained deeply loyal to the Bosnian people, and often disciplined or even removed corrupt or overly cruel Turkish administrators in the area. In addition, he/she quietly supported nationalist revolts against the occupation and had an active role in the Herzegovinian rebellion in the late 19th century that drove the Ottomans from Bosnia and brought it under Austro-Hungarian rule.

Since the change of mortal regimes, Da’i Mehmedović sees him/herself as the representative of the Children of Haqim in Austria-Hungary, and will travel to the Elysium held by Prince Portia to speak for both his/her Clan and his/her beloved people. Or perhaps this is merely a ruse… An Assamite rarely travels without a contract.


Mehmedović is meant for more experienced players who would like to explore difficult issues of Nationalism and religion. He/She is attending the Elysium in a political capacity, so some political play is to be expected, as well as mercenary work; he/she is still a hired killer, despite the learned facade. In addition, if you would like to play the Da’i, an in-depth knowledge of Assamite practices and organization is expected.