Emona Forgotten Nights


”I can remember the times when great princes walked the halls of now decrepit mansions. I remember the great speeches and candlelit faces of those now long forgotten. You have come seeking to re-live those days of glory and splendour? I can show you. But be warned, for their magnificence was but a curtain obscuring the yelling of the oppressed, the screams of the tortured, and the view on silent corpses of those who failed their masters…

                               …Do you still wish to remember the Forgotten Nights? ”

                                                                                                                                                            – The night curator of a long decrepit estate


Welcome, to Emona Forgotten Nights

Emona Forgotten Nights is an international Vampire Live Action Role-Play (LARP) game organized by the Metuzalem Role-playing society from Ljubljana Slovenia. It is based on White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting in a Nordic Style LARP. We host sessions of political scheming, personal drama, and horror for all involved.

And in a castle of course!